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Moscow Symposium on Logic, Algebra and Computation
Steklov Mathematical Institute
February 8-10, 2006

Practical information

How to get to ... ?

I. How to get to Steklov Mathematical Institute by public transport.

  1. Take subway ("Metro" in Russian) to the "Leninsky Prospect" station (orange line). There are two exits on the opposite sides of the platform. If you are coming from downtown, take the one near the front car.
  2. Upon exiting the subway station, turn right. Walking about 1-2 minutes, you will reach a street with a tram line. This is Vavilova street ("ulitsa Vavilova").
  3. On the right you will a tram stop (do not cross Vavilova street!). Take any tram which stops there (14 or 39).
  4. Get off the tram at the 4th stop, "Ulitsa Gubkina".
  5. In front of you you will see the crossing of Vavilova str. and Gubkina str. Cross Gubkina str. (beware of Moscow drivers!). Turn right and walk approx. 20 meters.
  6. The modern looking 9-stores yellow building No. 8 on the left is Steklov Mathematical Institute. There is a fence around it and there is a guard at the gates. Do not panic, this is just parking enforcement and on foot you need not any ID to enter.
  7. Walk along the building and enter it. There is another guard inside, and this one may ask to see your passport (incidentally, it is recommended to carry your passport with you in Moscow all the time since the police has the legal right to ask for it and theoretically can sometimes really do it). Tell him that you are coming to the conference in honor of Adian. After you register, your conference badge is your permit for further entries.
  8. There are two sets of elevators in the building: just behind the guard, and in the center of it. The conference office is located on the 5th floor, room 515, and it is accessible with any of these two sets. The conference hall is on the 9th floor, and it is accessible only by the elevators in the center of the building (!).

II. How to get to Steklov Mathematical Institute from the Main Building of Moscow State University

Method 1.

  1. Leave the Main Building (D/K entrance). Cross the street.
  2. Take buses 1, 113, 119 or 661. The 2nd stop is "Stantsiya metro "Universitet"". You can also walk there by foot.
  3. You will find yourself at the crossing of Lomonovsky Prospect and Prospect Vernadskogo. Cross Prospect Vernadskogo and go a little bit further to the tram stop.
  4. Take tram 14 or 39. Make sure not to take tram 26!
  5. Get off at the stop ``Ulitsa Gubkina'' (7th stop). Cross the street along which the tram is going (Ulitsa Vavilova) and continue along the perpendicular street which is Ulitsa Gubkina. Proceed for approximately 20 meters.
  6. Follow items 6-8 of part II (``How to get to the conference site at Steklov Mathematical Institute from various locations'').

Method 2.

  1. Leave the Main Building (D/K entrance). Cross the street.
  2. Take bus 111. Important: there are two (!) stops of this bus on the same (!) side of the street from which the bus departs in the opposite directions. You need the stop right opposite the D/K entrance of the Main Building. The bus leaves approx. every 30-40 min so you may want to check its schedule that is posted there.
  3. Get off the bus 111 at the stop "Univermag "Moskva" on Leninskii Prospect. When you exit the bus, go back for approximately 20 meters until you see the street to your left (do not cross Leninskii Prospect!) This is Gubkina str ("ulitsa Gubkina").
  4. Follow Gubkina str. on its right side until you see on your right a modern looking 9-stores yellow building No. 8. This is Steklov Mathematical Institute.
  5. Follow items 6-8 of part II (``How to get to the conference site at Steklov Mathematical Institute from various locations'').

III. How to use public transportation in Moscow

  1. Subway. In order to travel by subway you need to buy magnetic cards. You can do this at any subway station, and the cards are currently sold for 1,2,3,5,10,20 or 60 trips. When you go down to the platform you need to insert the card into the lower hole of the machine, then retrieve it from the upper hole and pass to the left of this machine on green light. Important: never try to proceed on red or to the right of the machine you are using. It may punish you by kicking under your knees which is not a nice experience. Once you have entered subway, you may travel as much as you like and change lines as many times as you like.
  2. Bus, trolley-bus, tram. You can buy tickets (the same ticket can be used for all three kinds of street transportation) at special kiosks "Mosgortrans", they are also sold at many subway stations. Alternatively, they are sold by drivers but the price is a bit higher (15 roubles per ticket). You are requested to punch the ticket before the next stop. Important: there is no transfer system in Moscow, except for transfers between different lines of the subway. When you enter a new vehicle (or subway), this is always considered as a new trip, and you should punch a new ticket.
  3. In some of the (trolley-)buses they introduce a new system where you can only enter through a machine similar to the one in the subway system. You don't have to punch the ticket then.